Oklahoma Retired Teachers Association


These men and women are retired educators like you who continue to serve the greater community of Oklahoma teachers and education professionals.


Polly Christian

President 405.364.2605 pollygc26@gmail.com

Paula Squires

Vice President 580.774.4653 csquires@carnegienet.net

Steve Massey

Past President 918.968.3260 smasseyorea@gmail.com

District Directors

Theo Crawley

East Central District Director 918.623.6736 theocrawley@sbcglobal.net

Daisy Lawler

Government Relations Chair & South Central District Director 580.439.5706 daisyl@pldi.net

Marilyn McIntosh

North Central District Director 405.596.2025 ms.marilynmcintosh@gmail.com

Cindy Dronyk

Northeast District Director & Communications/Awards Chair 918.335.0224 cdronyk@sbcglobal.net

Cosette Wymer

Northwest District Director 580.794.0121 wymer12@sbcglobal.net

Marilyn Bradford

Central District Director 405.275.3668 ms.bradford@sbcglobal.net

Danna Senkowski

Capitol District Director 405.463.5552 dsenkowski52@att.net

Stephen Smallwood

Southeast District Director 580.587.2570 stephensmallwood@sbcglobal.net

Linda Long

Southwest District Director 580.225.2805 long@itlnet.net

Lynn Stockley

Tulsa County District Director 918.747.7047 tbstockley@cox.net

Matti Palluconi

Finance Chair 918.341.8279 mattipalluconi@gmail.com

Weldon Davis

Governance/Elections Chair 405.495.1069 wdavis7704@aol.com

Brenda Calahan

Membership Chair 918.916.0947 brendacalahan@gmail.com
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