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Legislative UpdateFebruary 27, 2015

“House Committee Votes to
Establish Retiree Stipend Fund”

In language strikingly similar to that contained in the OREA-sponsored HB 1538 passed the previous week, the House Business, Labor and Retirement Laws Committee Tuesday unanimously approved HB 1735, by Randy McDaniel (R, Edmond), committee chair.

Seen as a companion bill to HB 2200 approved by the committee last week, HB 1735 would establish a special fund in the state treasury to pay a one-time stipend benefit to certain retired members of six state retirement systems, including the Teachers’ Retirement System.

Is it the Beginning of an Attitude Change?

The committee passage of HB 1735 gives further indication there is growing sentiment among key legislators that retirees have gone long enough without receiving at least some positive adjustment in their retirement benefits. The last permanent benefits improvement, commonly referred to as a COLA, was received in 2008, when retired educators received a 2% COLA, and retired members of all other systems were given 4% increases.

If passed into law this session, HB 1735 would most likely not receive funding, given this session’s $611 million state budget shortfall. However, if the legislature were to pass some form of benefits improvement via HB 2200 next session, funds could be allocated to the stipend fund.

Readers will recall last week’s report that HB 2200 received committee approval only for the purpose of referral to the legislative actuary during the legislative interim (between the 2015 and 2016 sessions). The actuary’s report must be completed and returned to the House committee no later than December 1.

It is not known at the current time what impact the approval of HB 1735 will have on the OREA-sponsored HB 1538, by Todd Thomsen (R, Ada), passed by the same committee the week before.

Committee Deadline Reached

The 2015 legislative session completed its fourth week Thursday, running up against the important deadline to have considered all bills that will be eligible for further action this year. The result was that several hundred of the more than 2,000 bills and resolutions filed for the session are now dead, although they could be considered in 2016.

The next three weeks will witness marathon sessions in both houses to consider hundreds of bills. Those that pass out of the House of Representatives will be sent to the Senate, and Senate-passed bills will be sent to the House. The road to final passage and enactment into law is long and winding.

April 7 OREA Lobby Day: Your Participation is Important

OREA members are reminded to make plans to participate in the Tuesday, April 7 OREA Lobby Day at the Capitol. It will be a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with lawmakers to discuss the issues impacting retired educators in Oklahoma. The spring issue of the OREA News Bulletin will arrive in members’ mailboxes the week of March 21-28. It will contain all the information necessary for your participation in this important association activity. See the associated article below for additional information.

Thanks for reading this legislative update, and thanks for your continued support of the OREA legislative program.

Lobby Day

“April 7 - OREA Lobby Day at the State Capitol”

Mark your calendar now to participate in the “OREA Lobby Day at the State Capitol” on Tuesday, April 7, from 8:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

This important event will be our best opportunity this legislative session to communicate the OREA legislative program to lawmakers in the House of Representatives and Senate.

Every OREA member participating will receive a $10 cash lunch stipend as partial defrayment of personal expenses.

Retired educators not currently OREA members may join the association the day of the event, and will receive the $10 cash stipend also.

Watch your mailbox March 21-28 for the arrival of the spring issue of the OREA News Bulletin. It will contain all the information needed to participate in the day’s activities.

No registration is necessary.

Shuttle bus service from the various Capitol parking lots is planned.

Briefing sessions will be conducted, helping even the most novice member-lobbyist to have a successful and enjoyable day advocating for the interests of retired educators.

Lobbying materials will be provided, plus morning refreshments.

It’s not a rally outside the building, it’s a day of serious interaction inside the Capitol with legislators about the needs of retired educators.  

National Institute for Retirement SecurityAccording to the National Institute for Retirement Security, traditional defined benefit retirement plans - like the Oklahoma Teachers' Retirement System - are better than the individual accounts provided by defined contribution 401 (k)-style plans now being pushed aggressively across the country by some leading politicians and many leaders of the financial industry.

A recent NIRS study found that traditional defined benefit plans are 48 percent less expensive to provide the same modest retirement benefit offered by a defined contribution plan. Stated differently, it means that, for the same amount of money going into the plan, a sponsor (i.e., the state of Oklahoma) can benefit from significant savings, and the eventual retiree (i.e., the Oklahoma retired teacher) can enjoy much more money in his/her pocket. It means lifetime financial security, and not outliving your money.

More specifically, NIRS says that traditional pension plans enjoy higher investment returns and lower fees than individual accounts, generating a 27 percent cost savings.

Unlike individual investors who generally enjoy high-risk, high-reward investment strategies when they're young, but switch to lower-risk portfolios that yield far lower returns as they age, traditional pension plans can maintain a balanced portfolio that yields consistently high returns, generating an 11 percent cost savings.

Traditional pension plans pool longevity risk, meaning that they only have to save for the average life expectancy of a group of individuals. Workers in a 401(k)-style defined contribution plan need an investment strategy that provides for the event that they live longer than average life. Longevity risk pooling generates a 10 percent cost savings.

Add up the savings, and it's 48 percent. If the Oklahoma Teachers' Retirement System, as it is currently structured, is less costly to administer, and retirees get more money to last them a lifetime, why would we want to do anything else?

NEA-R Members VoteOREA members who have selected the additional optional NEA-R membership are eligible to run as candidates for two offices. The filing period is February 1-20 for the offices of:

(1) NEA-R Delegate-At-Large to the OEA Delegate Assembly which will be held at the Reed Center in Midwest City, April 24-25.

(2) NEA-R Successor Delegate-At-Large to the NEA Representative Assembly which will be held in Orlando, Florida, July 1-6.

Candidate filing forms are available by clicking here, on the OEA website www.okea.org, or at the OEA Headquarters in Oklahoma City or OEA Regional Office in Tulsa. Financial assistance from OREA is not available to winning candidates.

NEA-R members may vote online March 1-27 in the election of the two positions described above as well as for the office of OEA Vice President. Beginning March 1 a link will be provided to enable you to vote.


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